Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Mixtape # 1 - Vincent Vanoli

Dessin : Vincent Vanoli

It’s the summer, girls are wearing dresses with flowers, tomorrow we will see the fireworks over Manhattan, on est bien. So, we have decided to bring something new to you. Something nice to listen on your ipod on the way to the McCarren Pool to see some free shows and to eat lots of hot dogs. Yes kids, mixtapes! Last year, Laura Barton wrote this in the Guardian : “Compilation tapes used to be made with love. Now, in the age of ripping and burning, they're as romantic as a microwave lasagne”. Well, this won’t apply to our mixtapes, artists that we adore will prepare lovely mixtapes with love and even better, avec amour.

We start with Vincent Vanoli. I’ve just arrived in New York and although I was really excited to leave, a few days before taking the plane, I suddenly missed Brighton a lot. When people ask me why I love Brighton so much, I usually don’t really find the words to explain it. But Vincent Vanoli with an amazing comic book titled Brighton Report managed very well to recreate this special atmosphere that you can’t find anywhere else. In this book, he talks about and draws the West Pier, the Freebutt, foxes : simply some of the most important things in Brighton and in the world. His mixtape is a bit like Rock It To The Moon by Electrelane : the perfect soundtrack to walk on the seafront…

Deerhoof - +81
Mike Berry and the Admirals - It's just a matter of time
Canasta - Slow Down Chicago
Vic Goddard and the Subway Sect - Vertical Integration
Amida - Class of 2000
The Wave Pictures - My Groovy Christian Girlfriend
Loyola - Royal Citizen
Brakes - Somebody on your side
Calou - Disgrace
Kimya Dawson - My Mom
The Raincoats - Shouting Out Loud
The Legend! - This Town

Mixtape # 1 – Vincent Vanoli


Blogger Barz said...

Woaw, Vincent Vanoli, mais c'est la grande mega classe !
Bordel, ce blog est trop hype.
Ce garçon est très bien, je confirme.
Love sur vous les enfants.

5:53 AM  

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